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Do you want a spectacular appearance of your logo?

Or, how about a magical opening ceremony, where a pair of scissors float through the air
and while being suspended in mid-air cut a ribbon?

Your guests will be most impressed and talk about it for a long time.

Business start ups, opening days for new shops, opening a new or improved version of your website or social media page, or introducing a new model are perfect occasions for magic.

Think about your newest model lifting off the ground and flying around the show room or down the theatre. Now think about the impression that effect would have on potential buyers. The idea is to use magic and the arts of a world class magician to keep your product or service in new customer’s minds.

Cut the ribbon on your opening day with a pair of scissors that are not touched by human hands. You did the marketing work to collect the crowd so why not use the appeal of magic as an added accent that will make your opening day audience talk about the magic they saw and your product.

One magic trick when you first start up your new store or new location can be the talking point that makes everyone that sees the illusion a salesman for your business and your products. People talk and you want them talking about your store and new products. Opening up with a spectacular magic display can be your ticket to more sales than you can get with any other attraction.

We all know that social media and the internet are the new world marketplace. Opening a new site or a special offer with a bit of real magic can make your site the talk of the net. A simple opening with an illusion can almost instantaneously make millions of connections for your kick off sales campaign.

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About Royce

Royce hails from Holland and lives together with his partner Mariandl in Belgium.
Royce masters the classic art of magic and has developed very special acts. For instance the manipulation act with growing coins and goldbars was awarded with the Grand-Prix of the Netherlands.

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