A unique stage play with a Royal touch

On the occasion of a Royal opening for a new hospital in Hoorn (NL), Royce and Mariandl were asked to participate in a unique stageplay during one week.



With elements of cabaret, magic and a story played by well known Dutch actors, such as Dolf de Vries, Ernst Zwaan, etc.


This event took place in the new Theatre of Hoorn.




Written and directed by Frederik de Groot
Produced by Living Productions


Thank you "Van Harte"

About Royce

Royce hails from Holland and lives together with his partner Mariandl in Belgium.
Royce masters the classic art of magic and has developed very special acts. For instance the manipulation act with growing coins and goldbars was awarded with the Grand-Prix of the Netherlands.

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Feerique Fantastique

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