Royce performed at International Gala of N.M.U.

On 23 September 2001 Royce performed at the 50 year anniversary of the Nederlandse Magische Unie (N.M.U.), the Dutch Magician Union). 

The NMU was founded on 23 August 1951 by eleven magicians including Henk Vermeyden. The aim was a stronger representation for the Dutch magicians that were mostly active in local magic clubs and associations at that time. The main activity in those early years was the organization of annual conferences with many foreign participation. This, and with the participation in the three-yearly FISM contests, Netherlands has build a prominent position in the international world of magic in the upcoming years. The FISM, Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, is the international governing body for magicians. No other to the FISM connected country has so many world champions: Niberco, Fred Kaps (3x), Tonny van Dommelen, Richard Ross (2x) and Ger Copper. Also last year a Dutch duo Scott the Magician & Miss Muriel took the highest title 'World Champion 2000' to the Netherlands from Portugal.


For their 50 years anniversary there were some special activities: On the 23th of September there will be an historical meeting at the archeologic open air museum ARCHEON in Alphen aan de Rijn. Street magicians, table magicians, special performances for kids. 


There was also an International Gala, where Royce did a performance for the celebrating organisation.

About Royce

Royce hails from Holland and lives together with his partner Mariandl in Belgium.
Royce masters the classic art of magic and has developed very special acts. For instance the manipulation act with growing coins and goldbars was awarded with the Grand-Prix of the Netherlands.

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